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Which is slavery? Christianity or worldy living? 

So on Sunday, March 27, 2017, our topic for Sunday school was slavery. Our teacher asked us which we thought was slavery first and to explain why. Now as expected, us being teens (ages 13 to 18), and new Christians at that, went with the decision to pick Christianity as the slavery life. We had some good points to support out answer, like rules in the bible and so on, but we then came to the realization that we were wrong. We were puzzled for like a good five minutes as to why this was so. Our teacher further went on to complete change our minds.

He made reference to a recently held concert by a popular dancehall entertainer named Alkaline, called “New Rules”. He asked us what we thought the name meant. We said it meant a new era for the music industry of Jamaica. Now he said it was straight from we devil and after some thought, we agreed. He made some valid points.  He explained to us that the bible speaks about the devil uses many things to distract, especially in this day and age. If you ignore one means of distraction, he will surely find another. You may not see it directly but the devil targets us indirectly. Whether through our phones, school or even our own friends. We are always in constant exposure to the devil and his tricks.  This is why we must be in constant strength and faith in God to resist temptation.

Now both lives have rules. But what we see in the secular world as freedom is actually rules but we just don’t view it as such because we were born into it. In the secular world you have to dress a particular a way, listen to a certain type of music that conveys a certain message, and so on. The partying and drinking and rebellion and those activities damage our spiritual health and life with God. The devil wants us to follow him and to control us so in the end, we are demons in his kingdom. But God wants us to follow him and be angels to reign on earth forever more.

So which do you rather to be a slave to, the devil or God? If I were you, I’d choose God.

Signed, Jovialissa 😍 😘



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